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Mary R. Lanni, MLIS
Professional Kidlit Book Reviewer

Hi! My name is Mary. I am a librarian and book reviewer with a focus on stories written for kids, tweens, and teens.


My goal is to help parents, librarians, and teachers get great stories in front of their children.

Check out my blog to see what I've been reading lately.

Learn more about my work in the library and beyond by clicking here or here!


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Why Read Reviews?


More Awareness

Thousands of children's books are published every year, and only a handful make their way to the NYT Bestseller List. Here's where you can find even more gems to enjoy that may be outside of the box.


More Connections

Every reader is different, and sometimes the difference between a child liking or disliking reading comes down to one pivotal book. Help them connect with the joys of reading through wonderful books for youth!


More Time

Nobody has enough time to read every book published in a year; reading reviews can help you narrow your search for your next favorite book quickly and efficiently.

My Reviewing Process

Requests are Submitted

I receive requests directly from authors and on NetGalley to review their books and add the reviews to my blog.

Books are Selected and Reviewed

The books I choose must fit my target audience (kids, tweens, or teens) and be able to fit into my schedule.

Reviews are Shared

I post on my blog on Tuesdays and Fridays, varying my focus to include each of the three target age groups.

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Glitter Gets Everywhere.jpg

Yvette Clark, Author

"Thank you, @MaryLanniReads, for this lovely review. It is such a joy when a reader truly connects with the heart of a story."

Sol Invictus.jpg

Ben Gartner, Author

"Thank you so very, very much for such a kind review...[It] is spot-on to what I was trying to accomplish with the book."

dancing shapes.jpg

"Having a librarian and mom validate our books is amazing, and it's been a bright spot in this indie-author uphill climb."

Open Textbook in Library
Eve's Ducklings.webp

Maria Monte, Author

"Your review is absolutely gorgeous - very thoughtful and kind. It explored the story and illustrations on a deep level. I don't think anyone could write a better or more glowing review than yours on my book!"


"Wow!! Thank you for such a thoughtful and detailed review. And the video...totally awesome! Really appreciate it."


"Mary's experience as a children's librarian is obvious in the care and perspective she brings to her work...I highly recommend her services and can't wait to use her again for my next book!"

Open Textbook in Library
Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna.jpg

"Seriously, I don't have enough words to thank you for your beautiful review. A piece of my heart melted away as I read it. I only wish my great-grandmother were alive to see how her life inspired a book and that people are actually enjoying. I think she'd be over the moon."

Rea and the Blood of the Nectar.jpg

Payal Doshi, Author

"Mary, thank you so much for reviewing Rea and the Blood of the Nectar! Your wonderful and insightful review touched on every aspect I hoped readers would connect with. You truly understood the essence of my book and I’m so grateful that you are a champion for the universality and need for #ownvoices novels. We need more reviewers like you! I’m so lucky to have had my book reviewed by you!"

Living at Langster Motel.webp

"When a former librarian like Mary Lanni takes the time to review your book, it’s an honor. I was one of the lucky ones to be chosen for that honor and was amazed to see how quickly she read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of my book."

Open Textbook in Library
Verdigris Pawn.jpg

"Thank you, Mary, for your wonderful and insightful review of The Verdigris Pawn! And ... I might just have to 'borrow' your exciting and succinct description of the plot!"

Unflinching Ash.jpg

"Mary Lanni doesn’t just write intelligent and well-composed reviews, she’s incredibly organised and an excellent communicator and businesswoman.  If you’re looking for a reviewer who responds, reports, and is a pleasure to deal with, you’ve come to the right place."

haven enduring.jpg

H.B. Reneau, Author

"I've had the pleasure of receiving feedback from Mary R. Lanni as both a beta reader and advanced reviewer for several of my young adult novels and novellas. She is a joy to work with and the care and thoroughness that this former librarian puts into her work is evident throughout. She clearly cares deeply for both books and readers alike and takes seriously her role as a steward of stories and a resource for both readers and authors. Her insight and thoughtful feedback have helped me grow as a writer and encouraged me to continue honing my craft. I would highly recommend her review and beta reading services for anyone looking for well-written, thorough feedback that gets straight to the heart of any story."

Open Textbook in Library
Midnight at the Barclay Hotel.jpg

"Mary Lanni knows how to concisely sum up the heart of a book. She has her finger on the pulse of middle-grade--I love her reviews."

Rosalie+Vetter(9-6-2021) (3).jpg

"Mary has the perfect background for becoming a sought-after professional reviewer. She 100% “nailed” everything I would like to have expressed regarding my picture book, Mama Knew a Chicken, from plot to illustrations. Her insight as a thoughtful reader focused her review on some perspectives even I did not have as the author. She shines a thorough light on all aspects of the value of a book, including how the book is best suited to be used. Mary is generous, prompt and efficient in her review process. Nothing can surpass the joy of reading a review by a reader who genuinely enjoyed and “got” the essence of what an author has shared. Sincere thanks to you on behalf of Mama, who originally told this story, and me, who did not want it to be lost."

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