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Colorado Author Feature: Ben Gartner

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

I was lucky enough to grow up in Colorado. After living elsewhere for three years, I recognized just how delightful living in Colorado really is, and I couldn’t wait to come back. That’s one of the reasons I am featuring Colorado authors in my blog; there is just something extra special about them!

I began reviewing for Reedsy, an indie book review site, in August 2020 because I wanted to see more of the books that were being written and might not make it to large-scale publishing houses. One of the books I was fortunate to review was Sol Invictus, the second in the Eye of Ra series by Ben Gartner.

In order to write a thorough review for Sol Invictus, I read the first book, The Eye of Ra. I was immediately drawn to the story and writing, especially because the story begins in my backyard in Colorado. The historical connections are well-researched, teaching readers about Ancient Egypt without making it feel like a dry history lesson. You can read more about it in my review here, or see my video review here.

Sol Invictus, the second book in the series, transports the protagonists from the first story to Ancient Rome, where they must be more independent than they were in The Eye of Ra. Here, they encounter more violence and danger than their first adventure, and even though they are only a few months older, their maturity increases throughout the story.

You can read my full review here or watch my video review here.

Readers transitioning from shorter chapter books to longer works like the Percy Jackson series will find Ben Gartner’s work to be a comfortable and enjoyable stepping stone.

Ben Gartner is an enthusiastic and talented writer, and I am happy to recommend his work to middle-grade readers who enjoy historical adventures.

Do you know a great Colorado author who deserves to be featured on my blog? Send me a message and let me know!

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