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Frankie's Wish

It is Frankie’s birthday, so it is the perfect day to go in search of a famed magical blue feather that is said to be found on an island to the east of where Frankie lives. After packing up, Frankie sets off on an adventure with some helpful wisdom provided by Auntie Duke—a special loved one who has walked this path before. A series of clues is laid out before Frankie, providing guidance while Frankie navigates a magical forest full of helpful and unexpected creatures. And as Frankie nears the end of the journey, Frankie begins to think differently about the feather and the wish it can bestow. This newest entry in the Once Upon a Dance canon is particularly enjoyable, using a well-crafted plot to encourage readers to believe in themselves just as Frankie does. Presented as a gender neutral character, Frankie can be anyone and everyone as Frankie goes through each step of this adventure. Like the others in this series, this book is set up in three parts: the first is a full page illustration depicting a particular moment in the narrative, the second is the narrative itself, and the third is an invitation for movement that unites both photographs of Ballerina Konora in action and matching text to help augment readers’ understanding and ability to participate. Rich color is found in each of the digitally-rendered illustrations of the story, which offers readers the feeling of a magical forest filled with wonder. This book is best suited to older readers because of the length of the story and the depth of the message shared within the narrative. Fans of Konora’s other books will find this one to be charming and inspiring, especially as it is filled with opportunities to solve puzzles along with Frankie. This is a delightful book for readers who appreciate both an uplifting story and the invitation to interact with it using both their bodies and their minds.

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