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Hannah Saves the World

Updated: May 19, 2021

After reading the A Mermaid in Middle Grade series by A.M. Luzzader, I was pleased to learn that she had another series in the works, the first of which was released in 2020.

Hannah Saves the World tells the story of Hannah and Mia, two middle school students who are determined to solve a local mystery. Often dressed in unconventional accessories and make-up, Hannah stands out from the rest of the community, but her personality is compelling to all who meet her. Hannah resembles the character of Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter stories both with her unusual behavior and her dedication to doing the right thing; her determination is inspiring to readers of all ages. You can read my full review here.

Much of the story reads like a movie or sitcom, where Hannah and Mia are comically unaware of the actions of the aliens throughout the entire narrative. The aliens believe the girls’ behavior to be deliberately thwarting their efforts, when they are ultimately happy coincidences.

For independent readers, unfamiliar words are explained in ways that are accessible to, enhancing readers’ autonomy and understanding as they go through this book.

For listeners, each scene is described in a way that paints visuals easily in the mind’s eye, inciting responses when actions go awry.

In either case, this is a lighthearted, enjoyable story about mayhem that can be happening right under our noses...if we’d just look a little harder.

The first in a series, I am looking forward to reading more about Hannah’s adventures...and learning if these alien friends make another appearance!


Hannah Saves the World 2 is just as delightful as the first installment in this series. The adventure continues when Hannah and Mia learn of the mysterious disappearance of their friend Lacy’s cat. Though it seems like the cat, Mr. Meowgi, may have wandered off on his own, Hannah is convinced something more nefarious has occurred. Meanwhile, a good-natured robot named Robert is desperately trying to fulfil an unusual request left to him by his friend and creator George just prior to him going away for a month in Australia. How are these two stories connected? You’ll have to read the book to find out! Please see my full review here.

Hannah channels Sherlock Holmes in this heartwarming mystery for middle grade readers, using phrases like “the game is afoot!” And “gadzooks!” Which add a dynamic and unique feel to the dialogue in this story. Well-written and expertly designed, readers of all ages will appreciate the entertaining plot as it unfolds.

Often, the reader knows more about what is going on than the characters themselves do, which makes for a humorous and engaging narrative style. Occasional illustrations pepper this book, enhancing the understanding of the plot while providing a visual respite for readers. Though these images are in black-and-white and are simple in presentation, they add just the right touch to the narrative.

This book is a great fit for middle grade readers who are becoming more confident with longer chapter books and love a good cozy mystery with cats and robots. It is fun both to read independently and to read aloud!

If these sound like great reads for you, make sure you look for them at your favorite bookstore.

Do you know of another book or author who should be featured in my blog? Send me a message here and let me know!

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