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Poet Feature: Tricia D. Wagner

Writing, like life itself, is filled with ups and downs, moments of ease and difficulty, and light and dark. In this new poetry-based story by Tricia D. Wagner, readers explore many of the emotions that come with both writing and life through forty-four distinct and unique poems. Each poem is accompanied by a full color photograph that encapsulates the message found in the text, and this collaboration leaves the reader wondering whether the image was an inspiration for the text or the other way around. Regardless of which inspired the other, each page connects the text and image in a memorable and thought-provoking way. No two poems are alike, nor do they follow identical formats from one to the next. Some are short, others are longer; some are predictable, others are unexpected. This combination of designs keeps readers on their toes as they move from one poem to the next. Though the poems appear in a linear context, there is no overt need to read them in any order nor with any sense of speed or urgency. In fact, readers will likely feel inspired to sit with each poem for a time before moving to the next to contemplate the poem’s meaning and purpose. Tricia D. Wagner’s lovely writing style is distilled into its very essence in these poems, and readers will enjoy examining the world through the lens she utilizes. Ample white space gives readers the time and space required to contemplate each entry in this book while providing more reluctant readers a space to regain their comfort before moving on. A list of photographic credits at the end rounds out the book while giving readers the opportunity to investigate the pictures further, if desired. This is a beautiful, poetic story that will speak to young adult and adult readers alike, especially those with an interest in poetry, photography, and the process of writing.


The sea has long enchanted voyagers and stationary souls alike, its ever-changing appearance and dynamism giving it the sensation of being a living creature. Whether choppy or smooth, reflecting sunlight or starlight, the ocean displays the myriad emotions likewise found in the human condition. This reality connects readers to the ocean in profound ways, supporting a love for this ever changing and globally recognized landscape. In thirty heartfelt poems, Tricia D. Wagner shares her own love of the ocean with her readers. Each poem follows a different design and pattern, giving the book a flow similar to that of undulating waves. The poems feature a variety of designs from rhyming lines, to short, clipped text, to long, flowing phrases, each one serving to reflect upon the many different moments the ocean can display. Though the poems themselves are short, they each contain their own depth and invite readers to return and consider the careful word choice and tone used within each one when the mood is right. Photographs accompany each poem, serving both as an illustration of the visual described by the words and as an inspiration for better understanding of that particular angle of the sea. Readers with a love of the ocean–whether they live in landlocked areas or on the shore–will look forward to embracing these charming poems time and time again. This is a delightful poetry anthology for readers of all ages.

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