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The Last Shadow Warrior

I definitely remember having to read Beowulf in high school, but never before have I imagined it like this!

Stemming from the epic Beowulf comes The Last Shadow Warrior, the first in its series by Sam Subity, to be released in April 2021. The story centers around a twelve-year-old girl named Abby, who also happens to be a Viking. Forced to keep her identity a secret, she struggles with the process of navigating life without her mother and not knowing the complete picture of what being a Viking really means. You can read my full review of the book here.

There were elements of this story that reminded me of other books I have read, specifically the chapter where Abby is thrust into a game of Knattleikr, which she knows nothing about. Strong comparisons to Harry Potter’s first game of quidditch came to mind as I was reading it, which placed me nostalgically back in the mindset of my younger self reading that story for the first time.

Abby is the protagonist of the story and, since it is written in the first person, we don’t learn much about the other characters unless they decide to share information out loud. I’d love to learn more about them in coming books, too!

I especially felt for Abby having to navigate all this newness without a proper bed to sleep in. The challenges of tweenager-hood are felt even more strongly without a good night’s sleep!

Sam Subity’s writing style will have readers turning page after page to learn what happens to Abby and her friends as they solve a centuries-old mystery. I’m looking forward to reading book two!

If you’re looking for a compelling read for confident middle-grade readers, this is a great choice.

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