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Chaos Looming by H.B. Reneau

One of my favorite things about reviewing books is discovering new series that I can not only sink my teeth into, but that also have extension stories at the ready. Such was the case when I read Chaos Looming, The Legion of Pneumos, the first in its series. Written by H.B. Reneau, this book tells the story of Keira Altman, a woman from 21st century Earth who finds herself flung unexpectedly to the land of Loren. There, she must not only adjust to life without conveniences like running water and electricity, but also accept her new role as a pneumonancer and the responsibilities that come with her position. You can read my complete review here, if you wish.

As I was reading Chaos Looming, I was struck by a strong need to learn more about Keira’s backstory and how she arrived in Loren. It was alluded to in the book, but I felt like a little piece was missing. Turns out, that piece was the first novella in the series, The Cantor. When I finished reading Chaos Looming, I saw that H.B. Reneau had a newsletter I could sign up for and get The Cantor right away. I’m so glad I did! It answered many of the questions that popped up while reading Chaos Looming. You can read my review of The Cantor here.

H.B. Reneau’s most recent novella is titled The Centus and tells the backstory of Gaius Flavius, a mysterious member of the Bellatorio in Chaos Looming. As often happens with misunderstood or lesser-known characters, learning Gaius’ history gave me a better sense of who he is as a person and, therefore, more empathy for him. You can read my review here.

If you enjoy young adult series that combine romance and magic, have a strong female lead character, and take place in a world that is almost like ours but not quite, then this is a great series for you to try. And remember to sign up for H.B. Reneau’s newsletter so you can get The Cantor novella, too!

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