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Colorado Author Feature: A.N. Willis

I was lucky enough to grow up in Colorado. After living elsewhere for three years, I recognized just how delightful living in Colorado really is, and I couldn’t wait to come back. That’s one of the reasons I am featuring Colorado authors in my blog; there is just something extra special about them!

Through mutual connections, I was fortunate to meet A.N. Willis in a downtown Denver coffee shop one chilly winter morning. There, I enjoyed my first-ever cup of kombucha, and I picked A.N. Willis’ brain about the writing process and how she became the author she is today.

At that time, she had only written the Corridor series, which is a YA sci-fi series with similarities to Stargate, for those of you who are familiar with that show. So rarely are books written with Colorado as their setting, it seems like, and I appreciate having that little extra connection with a story as I’m reading it. You can read my review of Corridor here and my review of The Thirteenth World here.

This year, A.N. Willis has come out with three more stories, all of which are tied to Colorado. She’s been on fire!

Her duology called Byrne House, including the titles Under Glass and Stone and Doors of Gold and Rust, is an action-packed YA thriller, filled with mystery, danger, and romance. You can read my reviews here and here, if you wish.

Her latest book, How Much it May Storm, is incredibly pertinent to the current COVID-19 pandemic and is a time-traveling ghost story. You can find my review here.

A.N. Willis has a way of writing YA literature that connects readers to the characters and propels them through the story. Young adults and older readers alike can appreciate these stories, helping bridge the gap from YA to adult literature.

A.N. Willis is a kind person and a talented writer, I am proud to recommend her work to anyone who enjoys reading YA stories.

Do you know a great Colorado author who deserves to be featured on my blog? Send me a message and let me know!

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