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The Rescue

It is April, 2053 and a massive earthquake has rocked the west coast of the United States. Cassie Entwistle is awaiting the return of her father, who disappeared when the seismic activity took place, and she knows something is not right when days pass with no sign of him. In order to find her father, Cassie must venture back in time to procure help from her family and friends. But she must be stealthy, for a single misstep could forever alter the course of her future. A multitude of scientific minds are on the case, unraveling the secrets of time travel while searching for a man whose whereabouts are nearly impossible to discern.

This science fiction novel blends family dynamics with the intrigue of time travel within the context of solving the mystery of a missing person. Short chapters and quick pacing keep the story moving, and readers of all ages will be curious to discover what happens next. As the foundation is being set, time shifts quickly to establish a relevant backstory for the bulk of the narrative. Each transition away from the primary timeline is clearly demarcated to help orient readers to who is speaking and where they happen to be in the course of their own life. Throughout the narrative, third person storytelling allows multiple characters to be featured to reinforce the plot, and each clue gives readers a better sense of how the overarching storyline comes together.

Fans of time travel stories that focus on human relationships will appreciate the design and presentation of this book. Like a young adult take on The Time Traveler’s Wife, this story incorporates the beauty and challenge that comes with the potential of time travel. Closely connected family members give the book a feel similar to that of A Wrinkle in Time, particularly because of the characters’ natural affinity for science and rich emotional moments. At the beginning of the book, readers will find a list of the characters in the book and their interrelationships along with selected biographies; these inclusions can be easily referenced if necessary as the story jumps around in time, though the characters all have unique voices that make them easily discernible in the mind of the reader. This first installment of the Timestream Travelers Chronicles series invites readers into a fantastic world, and will leave them eagerly awaiting the next addition as the final page is turned. This is a wholesome, feel-good adventure for young adult readers.

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