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The Scottish Scrolls Series

Ireland has always held a special place in my heart. I have Irish heritage, I began Irish dancing at the age of 11, and now I play the Irish guitar. And I also love books that take place in Ireland, especially those that include a little magic.

That’s why I was thrilled to get to review K.T. Anglehart’s book The Wise One, the first in its series, for Reedsy. In addition to the story taking place in Ireland and involving magic, an uncommon family structure is also featured. It is particularly important to me that readers of all backgrounds can engage in literature that feels representative of them, so I am always happy to find books that incorporate a variety of people within the narrative. You can read my full review here.

(Picture of The Wise One with a link to Amazon)

To my surprise and delight, I recently learned that K.T. Anglehart featured a piece of my review in the print copy of her book. :) I am honored to be included, and I hope many readers find her stories!

I’m looking forward to the next installments in the series as many questions were left unanswered. I’ll add more to this blog as they come available!

Readers who enjoy Young Adult literature in the vein of the Discovery of Witches series will enjoy this accessible and adventure-filled story, as well.

Do you know of another author or series that should be included in my blog? Let me know by contacting me here!

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